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Pet fabric

Do you have dogs or cats and love to enjoy their company on the couch?

Are you worried about them scratching it or even the hairs they shed getting embedded in the upholstery?

At Torresol we are aware of this problem and thinking about your needs we want to present a special fabric that makes it different since it is designed and designed to provide the solution so that you can enjoy the company of your pets without worry.

pet fabric

Features of pet fabrics

Pet fabrics have been manufactured with characteristics that make them unique, Torresol has an exclusive collection of them. Below we detail the characteristics, in more detail.

  1. Chemical-free permanent anti-stains.
  2. Easy cleaning and hair collection.
  3. Protects the sofa from pee and drool.
  4. 100% waterproof but breathable.
  5. Resistant to possible snags
  6. Protects against odors and microorganisms.

Torresol exclusive cleaning kit

  1. Chemical-free permanent anti-stains

Chemical products are usually applied to fabrics with anti-stain properties; this fabric guarantees that they are free of them. This is due to the special way in which it has been manufactured.

2. Easy cleaning and hair collection

This feature is one of the main ones, thanks to it with a simple vacuum cleaner we can collect the hair that our pets shed.

Additionally, with a simple damp cloth, after vacuuming, we can remove any stains that the sofa may have.

easy sanitex cleaning

3. Protect your sofa from pee and drool

The special protection that this fabric has creates a layer that repels any type of odor.

4. 100% waterproof but breathable

The fabric is 100% waterproof but at the same time breathable, this means that the sofa does not accumulate heat and remains cool. At the same time, being completely waterproof increases the life of the sofa, since its interior materials are fully protected.

5. Resistant to possible snags

The weave of the fabric is special, it is denser than usual, creating greater protection against snagging.

6. Protects against odors and microorganisms

The protection applied to the fabric prevents microorganisms from proliferating, and thanks to its waterproofing, it does not absorb liquids and prevents the concentration of odors.

sofa and fabrics for pets

“With this fabric, you will ensure that your sofa stays in good condition with your pets, and lasts as long as possible”