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The main purpose of our business is to provide the best possible service, and having into account our philosophy business, we have expanded our facilities and keep growing with professionalism, experience and trusty values.

We are a business that continues progressing, our origin and base is in Ecija , Seville, from 1995 we dedicate all our soul to our clients.

Currently, we run a total of 25.000 cubic meters and a team of more than 150 people that work very hard from the beginning of the process, with the first sketch, to the end of the product.

We invest in R&D, digitalizing our business to control every process of manufacturing, sell and after sell, improving every step of the production in order to increase the lifetime of our products, helping to protect the environment

We have a strong commitment with quiality and sostenibility.

Torresol focus all its efforts on future, betting for offering a high quality service to all our clients and distributors with sofas and armchairs of high quality which are able to adapt to all the comfortable necessity and ergonomic. By doing so, we ensure the manufacturing of excellent and unique products stands out for its quality elegance and guarantee.