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The newspaper “El diario de Sevilla” the 22nd of November of 2020 interviewed to Raul Gerena, business manager.

In this interview, Raul go through the long trajectory of Torresol, overall after this tough year, after the pandemic. However, Covid-19 has brought to the upholstery furniture area good news.

Torresol keeps growing and broading its facilities.

Raul Gerena,business manager of Torresol, business with 25 years of trajectory with sofas manufacturing in Ecija- explain that the business was already expanding itself way before the pandemic. In this case, the factory is composed by 90 workers; indirectly there are 25 business that provides them frames or foam.

“At the end of the month we realized that the sells increase more and more”. Numbers talk, a 120% more of orders than the same month last year. Every month we thought the sells would slow down. However in September the demand kept growing, said Gerena. Torresol hired more workers, increasing in number to19 workers: seven upholstery, five dressmaker and more for holster and pack in. In addition, other industrial unit is being used to store and manufacture, next to its facilities.

Due to this fact, the time to deliver all the orders is longer than before, however all our team is working to shorten the waiting time and overall keep our level of quality offered.


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