The choice of fabric for the sofa is not easy, there are many doubts that arise on this issue and we all like to hit and make it a comfortable, durable and above all easy to clean fabric. In Torresol, we always bet on quality and the safest option to make life easier and that you can enjoy your sofa at home for a long time, we have many variety of fabrics at your disposal, but one of the collections most appreciated by our Customers are Aquaclean fabrics because most household stains can be cleaned only with water such as wine, mud, ink, sauce, chocolate, fat, ketchup etc. And in just a moment, they also prolong the life of your sofa since you save on washing machine and so you can also enjoy more time for yourself. The Aquaclean </ strong> fabrics are free of PFC (Fluorocarbons and Perfluorocarbons) that harm the health and the environment.



1. Remove the excess residue poured on the upholstery.


2. Apply water on the stain, either directly or with a wet absorbent cloth and wrung out. Wait a few seconds


3. Press on the stain with the cloth and rub gently on the fabric with circular movements. If the stain does not disappear completely, repeat the process as many times as necessary.

In addition to Aquaclean in Torresol we have several collections of fabrics and microfibres that have been selected according to our criteria of quality and design, there is something for everyone and we also have a range of tissues specially designed for those who have pets at home because they are much more resistant and avoid snags, also have a Safe Front treatment that is a safe and ecological protective shield that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms.

Surely among such variety you find the one that best suits your tastes and needs, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us or your nearest distributor.