Company dedicated to the manufacture of sofas and furniture upholstered, high quality, both in textiles and leather, founded two decades ago, in 1995, whose beginnings were difficult to start from scratch, without a market position and without a name. However, thanks to our hard work and dedication and an experienced staff of more than 100 professionals, today TORRESOL is a reference in the upholstered furniture sector.


A modern design, the best raw materials, a careful process of production and the latest technology available in the industry joined to make a sofa Torresol something more than a place where to sit. A high quality product, attached to a geared business philosophy client have given recognition and success of the domestic market.

Product care from the same source, selecting the best raw materials and attending to detail each of the production processes by which passes the sofa, where innovation and the application of the latest technological advances is a constant. Torresol includes mechanisms and systems that facilitate ergonomics and provide comfort to the user. All this with a careful design that makes a sofa Torresol a functional, comfortable and decorative element according to the aesthetics of the current habitat.


Our philosophy has achieved the prestige of the firm in the domestic market. Today, Torresol prepares to consolidate its international position, where already works with countries such as France, Mexico or Chile. To do so, has expanded its facilities in 6. 000m 2, constantly investing in new technologies, catalogs and logistics and working on the design of models that suit the needs and tastes of the different markets.

In TORRESOL quality becomes a business philosophy, applied to the product and the service.

Quality and innovation

The quality of service is reflected in the advice from commercial networks, own logistic service in product distribution and fluid communications with production in such a way that the product can be adapted to the needs of the user, even with substantial variations of models, a range of possibilities that leads to the personalization of the sofa.