Torresol Sofas, Interior Harmony


Founded two decades ago, Torresol stands out for its high quality and innovation, being a benchmark in the upholstered furniture sector.

Torresol is a company dedicated to the manufacture of sofas in fabric and leather, which is committed to high quality and the constant search for new ideas. Since our beginnings in 1995, we have been growing little by little to gain the trust of all our customers and we have proven that a job well done, has a reward and the great satisfaction of checking the good reception of all our products, both national market as in the international market. The effort and passion that we put into each of our models, has contributed to our being a great reference in the world of upholstered furniture, we will continue to advance faithful to our philosophy and we will continue working every day as if it were the first, together with our great team of more than 100 professionals to get better and we will make your sofa a unique and exclusive piece that provides a pleasant and pleasant rest.

Authentic and Original Sofas

Fabrics and skins that take shape and become sofas that

fulfill all your wishes


The main objective of Torresol, is to offer high quality products and high comfort, for this we have the best designers, continuous advice from our commercial networks, our own logistic service and a great team that shapes every day our sofas and you can enjoy them at home.


A Torresol, is a unique and exclusive sofa that is manufactured with you in mind, that’s why we are always in continuous evolution and in a constant search for new technologies and solutions, we work every day in the design of new models that adapt to all tastes and to be able to satisfy the demand of the different markets.


Quality is not the result of chance, it is a mixture of responsibility, effort and the use of good materials. A Torresol sofa, not only stands out for its exterior design, we also put special care in its interior so you have a high durability sofa with a frame guaranteed for life.


The work and research for the development of new models, is rewarded when we see our prestige recognized both nationally and internationally, so we continue in a continuous search for new materials and mechanisms to achieve unique sofas in quality and comfort.