The skin is a natural product that adapts perfectly to the body, it is a unique and elegant material that brings a touch of sophistication to the environment and being quite flexible, makes your sofa very comfortable, it is so versatile that it adapts to all types of environments and decorative styles, the skin is easy to clean and maintain and with proper use, our sofa will stay in optimal conditions for longer than one of fabric, another of the added values of the skin is that as it ages , is gaining more category so we will always have in our living room a comfortable, unique and elegant sofa.



The skins used in sofas manufactured by Torresol, have gone through a rigorous selection process and strict quality control to ensure the customer the maximum guarantee and beauty of the product. The skin is a very appreciated noble material that can present characteristics inherent to its natural origin, as for example, the grain difference in the same piece and depending on the area of the skin, it can also present certain marks such as scars, scratches, etc. . that occur throughout the life of the animal, these do not constitute a defect, and do not affect at all to the quality of the product, they are the testimony that guarantees authenticity of said skin. In Torresol we are also committed to the environment and all the skins we use are free of pentachlorophenes which is a chemical that seriously harms the Ozone layer

Tips for its maintenance

Important: with proper use and following the maintenance tips, you can enjoy your sofa for much longer, for this we recommend that you read carefully the following instructions.

  • Try to maintain a minimum distance of 70 cm. Between the sofa and any heat source such as stoves or radiators, prolonged exposure to heat causes the skin to dry and deteriorate.
  • Like the other furniture in the house, the skin accumulates dust. To clean it, use a soft, dry cloth once a week. You can also use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. The dirt particles on the skin are completely removed, which is ideal for people allergic to dust.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to clean your leather sofa. Avoid all that contain abrasive components, solvents or oils, as they will adversely affect the surface of the skin. Only the cleaning kit can be used with the products supplied by the leather manufacturer.
  • Avoid placing the furniture near sunlight. All materials tend to lose color over time if they have suffered direct exposure to the sun since the skins are especially sensitive to this type of light. It is also not recommended to place the leather sofa under skylights or windows.
  • As a general rule, it is recommended to clean the leather sofa once every 3 months, always using the products supplied by the leather manufacturer. When the sofa is placed in areas of high use such as the TV room, a more frequent cleaning will be needed and after cleaning, reapply the protective cream supplied by the manufacturer to renew the level of protection of the skin and So you will get a perfect result and enjoy your sofa for a long time.